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Through more than ten years of sustained good operation in the offshore fishing industry, the company has accumulated a wealth of experience, cultivated large quantities of talents, formed a unique operation mode and created an excellent business team. The Ministry of Agriculture, the State Oceanic Administration and the State Development Bank of China have given tremendous support to the offshore fishing industry in recent years and encouraged Chinese fishery enterprises to be engaged in ocean-going fishing. Under the support of the country’s encouragement polices for fishery development, the company will further expand its offshore fishing cause and plan to build a new batch ocean fishing vessels in the future five years, including seine boats, line fishing boats, cold storage boats and fuel supply ships; and build a seafood cold chain deep processing base in Dalian. Moreover, in addition to consolidating and developing African fishery markets, the company will also open up and expand new fishery markets in the world, such as in South Asian, South American and North American sea waters, increase fish catches, set up new international fish marketing channels, and further expand the company’s development space.




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