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As early as 1997, " Dalian Kairun Real Estate Development Co.,Ltd." (predecessor of Dalian Kairun Group Co.,Ltd., hereinafter referred to as “Kairun Group”) began to build fishing vessels in China and was engaged in marine fishery operation in domestic sea waters. From the year 1997 to 2003, Kairun Group had invested more than RMB 60 million accumulatively in building ocean-going vessels.


Facing the tendency of the decreasing of fishery resources in China, in order to seize the good opportunity of international ocean fishery and implement the development strategy of “going out” actively, Kairun Group began to develop the ocean fishery project from 2003 and promote the development of ocean fishery business. This business has gone through six development stages as follows:


In 2003, the Ministry of Commerce of China approved Dalian Kairun Real Estate Development Co., Ltd. to set up "Harvis Fisheries Co., Ltd." in Nigeria and "Atlant Fishery Company" in Benin.


In 2004, Kairun Group got the approval by the Ministry of Commerce of China, passed the inspection by the Register of Fishing Vessel of the People’s Republic of China and obtained the ocean fishery certificate. The certificate of nationality also was issued by the Fishery Port Supervision Bureau of Liaoning at the same time.


In July 2004, Dalian Hailufeng Ocean Fishery Development Co., Ltd. was established and a large platform was built up for global ocean fishing. The company actively participated in the development and utilization of international fishing resources, manages and operates the company’s fishing vessels and fishing business in Africa and promotes the development of marine products trade in China,increased the employment of income of fishermen and also enriched the supply of aquatic products in Chinese market.


In 2005, the Ministry of Commerce of the People's Republic of China approved the establishment of "Ghana Hailufeng Ocean Fishery Investment Co.,Ltd." in Ghana by Dalian Hailufeng Ocean Fishery Development Co.,Ltd.. According to Ghana's local fishing requirements, Dalian Hailufeng cooperated with two local fishery companies, Ghana Tema Frozen Fishery Co.,Ltd. and SY International Company to initiate the operation. The local fishery company is responsible for handling the fishing certificate and recruiting local crew members; the Chinese party is responsible for the management of ocean fishing vessels. The local companies are given the priority to sell fish caught.


On October 22, 2013, Dalian Hailufeng Ocean Fishery Development Co.,Ltd. officially received the “Qualification Certificate of Ocean Fishery Enterprise” issued by the Ministry of Agriculture of the People’s Republic of China (Certificate No.: 2013-222) and Dalian Hailufeng was officially incorporated to the ocean fishing management system.


In 2013, the company built six high-power ocean-going trawlers in Wuxue Jianda Shipyard with the main engine power of 882KW per single vessel. These six ocean fishing vessels have been completed at the end of August 2014 and deployed to Africa for fishing operation in the beginning of 2015.

In April 2016, the company successfully launched six newly built stern ramp trawlers with the main engine power up to 1000KW per single vessel. These vessels will be deployed to Africa and South Asia sea waters engaged in deep sea fishing operation.


In December 2016, the construction of the last four stern ramp trawlers with the main engine power up to 1000KW per single vessel was completed as planned and these vessels will go abroad for fishing operation in early 2017.

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