Seafood Marketing

Seafood Marketing: Dalian Hailufeng also sells some self-produced imported fish products at the same time. The products are rich in variety and are sold at reasonable prices. Welcome to buy!

Sea Food Cold Chain

Sea Food Cold Chain: Dalian Hailufeng strictly controls important links after the harvest of sea products including frozen processing, frozen storage, refrigerated transportation and frozen sales so as to ensure the food safety, reduce losses, prevent pollution and provide the public with safe and reliable marine products.

Fishing vessel construction

Fishing Vessel Construction: In order to meet the strategic objective of the company’s ocean fishery development

Ocean Fishery

Ocean Fishery: Ocean fishery is our company's core business, the company's other business is all related to the ocean fishery business. Dalian Hailufeng Ocean Fishery Development Co., Ltd. is now mainly operating fisheries activities in African sea waters and also developing new fishing grounds in South Asia and America to meet the demands of the company’s sustainable development.
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